Disclaimer: This story was written before the latest red tier restrictions.

Over the last several months business owners all over the Richmond District have taken the initiative to build, in one form or another, an outside dining space as a means to keep their doors open. Many of these outdoor…

A demonstrator holds up an “I can’t breathe sign.” Some of the last words George Floyd said before being killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin

By Gui Oliveira

Stephanie Ernst Scott sits at the register at Gus’ Discount Tackle. Photo by Gui Oliveira.

It may be difficult for anyone to believe that the current owner, Stephanie Ernst Scott, of Gus’ Discount Tackle has never been fishing a day in her life. Scott said “I’m very established in the fishing community having never, ever, ever, ever been fishing, and it’s no…

Gui Oliveira

Freelance journalist for The Richmond Review, photographer, and City dweller. @Kickshaw_City

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